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March 22 — Fourth Sunday in Lent Scripture: Isaiah 55:6-11, Jonah 4 Sermon: “Accepting God’s Grace”

March 29 — Fifth Sunday in Lent Scripture: Psalm 130, Ezekiel 37:1-14 Sermon: “Can These Bones Live?”

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Interim Pastor


I. The Interim Pastor shall joyfully and enthusiastically serve the First Presbyterian Church family by providing spiritual leadership, pastoral care, and administrative oversight concerning change, problem-solving, and organizational direction to the congregation and church leaders.

II. General Responsibility

• To plan and lead worship; to administer the sacraments; to develop seasonal events; to provide a biblically based and relevant preaching and teaching ministry to meet the needs of the congregation.

• To provide pastoral care to members during times of crisis; to conduct weddings and funerals; to instruct new member classes and to assist in the assimilation of new members into the life of the congregation; to moderate the Session, providing leadership and a sense of direction to the lay leadership of the church; to schedule necessary time for study, preparation and planning for the spiritual growth of the staff and the congregation.

• To make regular visits to the sick, hospitalized, homebound, and those member in nursing homes, serving communion when appropriate (at least twice a year to area shut-ins) and to those requesting it.

• To work with the appropriate committees of the church, function as Head of Staff, and assist in developing and administering the budget.

• To oversee the maintenance of consistent curriculum and programming for Christian Education in consultation with the appropriate staff members and Christian Education Committee.

• To represent the church at higher levels of the denomination and in the community.

• To assist the church in coming to terms with its history.

• To help the church reassess its identity.

• To assist the church in facilitating changes within the lay leadership.

• To examine linkages with Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly, and identify resources that might be available from each of them.

• To prepare the congregation for new pastoral leadership.

• To assist the church in completing a Mission Study in preparation for the writing of a Mission Information Form (MIF).

• Others similar duties/activities as directed by Session.

III. Qualifications

• The Interim Pastor shall be a graduate of a fully accredited Seminary and an ordained minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and shall become a member in good standing of Eastminster Presbytery. We would also consider an ordained minister from a denomination in full communion with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.); in that case, the Interim Pastor would become a temporary member of Eastminster Presbytery.

• The Interim Pastor shall have demonstrated through experience at the parish level that he/she can effectively lead a congregation in the areas set forth in this position description and in the administration of a church staff.

IV. The congregation and session will be responsible to:

• support the pastor in his/her ministry

• provide regular financial compensation according to the terms outlined below

• provide a performance review to the pastor at least annually

• pray for the pastor during this contract period

V. During the length of this agreement, the pastor will be accountable to the Eastminster Presbytery. It is understood that the pastor will participate in the quarterly temporary pastors meeting sponsored by the presbytery. Should the Interim Pastor have any serious differences or difficulties with any former pastor of this congregation, the matter will be immediately referred to the presbytery.

VI. It is understood that the Interim Pastor will not be involved in any way with the Pastor Nominating Committee, except to facilitate that committee's regular reports to the session and the congregation. Any concerns or suggestions about the congregation's search for a new pastor shall be carried to the presbytery liaison. It is understood by all parties that the pastor under contract may not be considered for the installed pastoral position in this congregation.

VII. This agreement may be terminated by either party (session or pastor) upon 30 days written notice. This agreement may be extended in one to twelve month periods, upon written notice to, and the approval of, the presbytery. It is understood that the pastor will participate in any training/discussions sponsored and/or requested by presbytery and will participate in an exit interview conducted by presbytery.